Sales Associate

Kinsei studied Marketing B.S. in an American University for two years, which helped her to understand, target and satisfy consumer markets on a global scale by offering superior value, innovation, and relationships. She is currently studying economics at Keio University.  She is a socially active person who’s excited about connecting with people and developing her problem solving skills, communication skills, and business awareness.

Other members

Tianyu yang

Tianyu Yang

CEO and Co-Founder of TEAMZ, Inc. Tianyu is a Chinese entrepreneur, speaker, and investor currently located in Tokyo, Japan. Tian is the Co-founder and CEO


Yanying Deng

COO and Co-Founder of TEAMZ Inc Yanying “Toto” is a Chinese entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate for young women in business and female leadership. Toto is

Iñaki Olano Eraso

Iñaki Olano

Inaki is CIO of TEAMZ Inaki has a multidisciplinary profile with 10+ years in marketing, design and programming. He functions confidently in diverse areas such

Mari Morizono

Mari Morizono

Business Development Director Mari Morizono Business Development Director. Mari is skilled in sales growth in Japan. She has led many projects to exponential growth throughout

Mikako Hara

Mikako Hara

BD Event Manager Mikako Hara BD Event Manager. Mika has over three years’ experience in sales and marketing in global trading. At TEAMZ, she has

QingHong Meng

Qinghong Meng

Creative Director QingHong Meng Creative Director. Michim is specialized in creating viral social media marketing content. Through imagery and video, Michim is able to rapidly

Karin Nakajima

Karin is one of TEAMZ first interns and has become a member of the company. She is native Japanese and takes care of translations and

Haoran Zhou

Haoran Zhou

Engineer Ryan is educated in robotics and data science. He has a keen sense for analyzing data and using it for new innovations. He is

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