What is TEAMZ, Inc.

TEAMZ, Inc is a blockchain solutions company dedicated to providing strategies and results to innovative projects globally.

With the experiences of our international team, we help brands expand into Asia and across the world.

What we do?

Incubation, Expansion, Investment and Technology

We provide incubation, expansion and technological improvement services to startups and large corporations.

Business Localization

Expand your corporation in the Asian market.

Bring awareness to your brand in the Asian market. Building connections with potential partners & clients in countries like China, Japan, and Korea. Asia is leading the way for blockchain development. Capiatlize on the growth opportunities this market brings.

Enterprise and Startups Business Solutions

Find the solution that best suits your company


The startup stage of a business is stressful. Finding the right team that has the skills and mindset to help create the companies vision can be a tough task.


The landscape of business is constantly changing. Technology innovation is always improving and it's more important than ever for enterprises to stay ahead of the curve.

All Services

Find out how we can help you accelerate and grow your company

Crurves architecture


Branding solution Take care of your brand, make your customers love it, it must also be associated with your services We control and design every

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Communication satellite

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Is doesn’t matter how amazing is your technology if you don’t have users We control and design every communicative aspect of your company,

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TEAMZ Blockchain Summit

Event And Media

Events and Media Reach a greater number of users by combining offline events and online media We control and design every communicative aspect of your

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Light in circle


Blockchain technology solution Innovation for your company Blockchain technology eliminates the need for a third party to confirm a transaction, learn how blockchain can innovate

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Our Brands

Learn more about our brands giving value to the blockchain space

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, The biggest Blockchain Conference in Japan

$4 Billion in Capital at Blockchain Summit in Tokyo

The event drew in thousands of people, many coming from all over the world. The concept was to unite traditional finance with the blockchain ecosystem and it did not disappoint...

Chaintalk (Leading Blockchain Media in ASIA)

The Missing Block

ChainTalk is an entertainment and education network bringing top traditional and crypto investors, entrepreneurs, developers, journalists, and influencers in Asia and around the world to discover new innovations and usable projects that can affect the global economy.

Chaintalk podcast cover

TEAMZ CAPITAL is a venture capital fund.

TEAMZ Capital

TEAMZ CAPITAL is a venture capital fund, focused on early stage companies engaged in cutting-edge digital asset technologies.

Where are we?

Blockchain Solutions company based in Tokyo, Japan

Located in the center of Tokyo, TEAMZ is bringing a blockchain presence to the core business area of Japan at 1st Square Building near the Imperial Palace.


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