Expand Your Brand Into Any Country

Business Localization

Brand expansion into new countries requires localization strategies that meet each specific nations needs. TEAMZ is a diverse team with members from Japan, China, Spain, Canada, and Southeast Asia. Our partners stretch to all continents globally.

Expand Your Brand In Japan

Japan Localization

Japan is one of the pioneer nations of cryptocurrency and blockchain with continued leadership in this industry. TEAMZ, a Tokyo based company, provides projects accelerating services which include support for Marketing, Technology, and Fundraising for your projects to succeed in Japan.

Japanese Social Media

Japan Meetups/Workshops

Japanese SEO

Japanese PR

Japanese Media Exposure

Token Listing

Japanese Marketing Campaign

Japanese Content

Expand Your Brand In China

China Localization

China, a 1.4 billion people nation and technological leader is a country that can rapid growth to any nation. With TEAMZ CEO and COO both coming from China, TEAMZ is well equipped to provide professional services that work amongst the Chinese population and regulations.

Weibo Account Management

Baidu SEO

Chinese PR

China Meetups/Workshops

China Media Exposure

China Marketing Campaign

Chinese Content

Investor Networking

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