Blockchain Development

Reach a greater number of users by combining offline events and online media

We control and design every communicative aspect of your company, from your website, videos, company material and UI UX of your applications

Blockchain Technology

Connecting Your Business To Blockchain

As major industries continue to embrace blockchain technology, we have developed cutting edge solutions to keep your business advancing with the latest advancements.

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Blockchain Development

Public And Private Blockchains

Blockchain development includes many different parts. Some projects may include one, a few, or all aspects to complete the blockchain. Whether its public or private blockchains we can build on top protocols, mining software, smart contract development, digital wallets, exchanges, banking solutions, and anything custom that you need.

Access To 1500+ Blockchain Developers

Blockchain Developers

Quality blockchain developers can be hard to come by in todays ecosystem. We have access to 1500+ developers. We provide dedicated remote developer teams for your project including a team lead. We can also provide in house developers that can work directly out of your office until the project is complete.

Verify Tokens & Smart Contracts

Certified Code Audit

A certified verification for smart contracts and blockchain platforms. Audit tokens before listing them, legitimize your business with a formal certification and security penetration test.

Develop Your Trading System Platform

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Whether it's spot trading, futures trading, OTC, TEAMZ can develop a crypto exchange with a proper liquidity system, full service security, and legal requirements.

Start Your Mining Operation

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining has proven to be a great yield generator giving investors great returns year over year. One advantage to mining as an enterprise is the great tax advantages it provides. TEAMZ has the capabilities to help setup your new mining operation.