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Credible Exchange Quality Users

With so many exchanges appearing everyday, it is crucial to establish credibility in the jurisdictions you're serving. Growing a user base involves education, community promotion, and attracting active traders. TEAMZ can increase quality users with growth marketing strategies, new technical developments and UI/UX, and certified code audits for new tokens.


Growth Marketing Strategy

User Growth

Asia Localizations

Marketing Campaign Design

Online/Offline Workshops

Influencer Marketing

Viral PR

Giveaways and Contests

Professional Networks

Email Outreach

Develop Quality Infrastructure

Trading System Development

Spot Trading System

Futures Trading System

Off-site OTC System

Leverage Trading System

Legal Currency Trading System

Liquidity System

Full Service Security

Decentralized Exchange

Ease Of Use For Investors

Digital Wallet Development

Asset Custody

Comprehensive Payment Integrations

Fully Functional Wallet

Top Level Security

Formal Verification On All Tokens

Certified Code Audit





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