Startup Brand Growth

Conception To Enterprise

The startup stage of a business is stressful. Finding the right team that has the skills and mindset to help create the companies vision can be a tough task. With TEAMZ, this becomes a lot easier. We can instantly give your startup access to our suite of professional marketing and blockchain services at your request. Most startups are looking for growth, which is why we built our Brand Growth Solution to take your startup from conception to enterprise.


Brand Design

Phase 1

This phase of growing a brand focuses on the creation of the design. This includes choosing the brands colors, text, and target. After phase 1 your brand will have a logo, website UI/UX, whitepaper design, branded graphics, and a brand guidelines document for your team and partners.

Growth Strategy

Phase 2

The next phase develops the growth strategy of the brand by creating a full scale marketing campaign for all aspects of digital marketing. This includes SEO, social media, content production, branded video, Official Telegram, influencer marketing, and viral press releases.

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Data Collection

Phase 3

In phase the focus turns to data collection. Today's business market is about building your own platform. We achieve this by creating a system that brings users into your funnel through ads, content, and optins, and then convert them to supporters.


Phase 4

Raising money can be an exhaustive task without the proper network and strategy. Focus on your business and let us help you meet your funding targets with key investors.

Token Listing

Phase 5

Token listing on exchanges became an effective way of getting new interest, attention, recognition, and positive exposure. This phase is specifically for blockchain projects with a token economy.

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