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DZ Security


DZ Security guarantees the total protection of your devices, only the legitimate owner can use the phone. DZ performs periodic biometric random authentications so that only the owner can use the device.

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With Nevula, asset using blockchain technology or digital identity can be digitalized, and the digital asset using smart contract can be managed by oneself. A “smart economy” can be realized in the privacy focused distributed network.

The token holder can use the issued token as a casino chip, or exchange it to the casino machine with the collected token. It becomes an protected asset on the blockchain, and assets around the casino industry and blockchain industry among the ecosystem will be built.

Avex Artist Academy


“Avex · Artist Artist Academy”, a comprehensive development school (dance school) that fosters next-generation artists and music creators of entertainment industry sent by avex. Vocal training for vocals is also underway!

AnchorZ Corp.


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