TEAMZ is well known is Japan for hosting blockchain and crypto meetups with key experts, influencers, media, and projects. Our proven strategy has helped build a strong community in Japan to make every meetup a success.

Event And Media

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit

Events and Media Reach a greater number of users by combining offline events and online media We control and design every communicative aspect of your company, from your website, videos, company material and UI UX of your applications Blockchain Meetups in Japan and China Optimize your website and social media for all search engines. Bring […]

Blockchain Events

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit The Largest Blockchain Summit In Japan TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is the largest blockchain event in Japan annually. Last summit saw $4 billion in total capital amongst the investors present. The goal is bridge usable blockchain projects with active investors. Price Showcase Your Project LIVE China and Japan meetups A meetup is a […]

Blockchain Solutions

Curves architecture

Blockchain Solutions Blockchain is the biggest innovation of this century We offer an olistic vision for blockchain projects that need to be helped to discuss and expand their businesses, both for startups and large corporations that want to immerse themselves in the new trend and innovation that blockchain technology entails. Branding Bring your brand to […]