Enterprise Technical Innovation

A Bridge To Blockchain Technology

The landscape of business is constantly changing. Technology innovation is always improving and it is more important than ever for enterprises to stay ahead of the curve. TEAMZ is the bridge connecting your business to blockchain solutions. TEAMZ in house team combined with leading global partners can implement any blockchain development needed.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Innovation One

Blockchain development includes many different parts. Some projects may include one, a few, or all aspects to complete the blockchain. Whether its public or private blockchains we can build on top protocols, mining software, smart contract development, digital wallets, exchanges, banking solutions, and anything custom that you need. This includes:

Blockchain Technology Solutions

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

Blockchain Mining Software

Blockchain Wallets and Exchange Applications

Blockchain Banking Solutions

Blockchain Software Expertise

Trading crypto

Trading System Development

Innovation Two

Whether it's spot trading, futures trading, OTC, TEAMZ can develop a crypto exchange with a proper liquidity system, full service security, and legal requirements. This includes:

Spot Trading System

Futures Trading System

Off-site OTC System

Leverage Trading System

Legal Currency Trading System

Liquidity System

Full Service Security

Decentralized Exchange

Smart Contract

Digital Wallet Development

Innovation Three

Develop your own blockchain wallet applications and exchange platforms for mobile devices, desktops, and browser apps with cutting edge security and encryption. This includes:

Asset Custody

Comprehensive Payment Integrations

Fully Functional Wallet

Top Level Security

Website firewall

Certified Code Audit

Innovation Four

A certified verification for smart contracts and blockchain platforms. Audit tokens before listing them, legitimize your business with a formal certification and security penetration test. This includes:





Mining Software

Mining Operation

Innovation Five

Whether you want to design a decentralized network for mining pools, mining farm architecture, or performance dashboards we have the experts to handle any blockchain mining operation request. Learn about unique tax advantages for businesses that mine. This includes:

Mining Operation Setup

Tax Advantages

Smart Contract Development

Innovation Six

Decentralized smart contracts developed for any industry including gaming, finance, real estate, supply chain, and ecommerce. This includes:

Decentralized Web Solutions

Auditing, Data Integrity, Performance

Integrate With Popular APIs

Blockchain Software

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