Report Content & Design Case Study

Reports are one of the main ways professional organizations showcase their expertise and share statistics and results. Consulting firms use them to report on industries and trends, law firms may use them to identify new regulations and how they have affected countries or businesses, and governments use them as a tool to show progress and areas that need attention.

This particular example is a report we produced to show the results from our 2019 blockchain summit. We had over $4 billion of combined investible capital at the event. Projects came from all over the world to present their breakthroughs in technology and business.

For some reports the content can take months to prepare, which is why any report worth publishing is worthy of a professional design. A well thought out design can improve how the information is displayed, adds attractive images, fonts, and colours, and gives it a credible look that tells the reader a professional organization published this report.

If you would like a copy of our summit report please fill out the free consultation form and we will send it over to you.

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