Create A Memorable Identity For The World To See

Bring your brand to life with unique and memorable designs that will capture the attention of your target audience. Keep your brand aligned across all platforms to grow recognition and avoid confusion.


Brand Analysis

Brand, Competitor, & Target

When developing a new brand or ‘re-branding’ an existing company it is important to analyze all factors such as competition, target audience, demographics, color triggers, and imagery.

Responsive Brand Design

A Brand For Any Device Or Canvas

One brand to control them all

With so many promotional options today, your brand needs to be ready to showcase itself with a clean and professional design on any device, screen size, and format.

Facebook Layouts for avatar

We design the brand to be responsive for all avatars including SNS channels and digital platforms

TEAMZs Logos in black and white

Your brand has to be visible with both light and dark backgrounds

Print materia

Your brand should look the same on all canvases, including print

Visual Identity - Brand Guidelines

Easy To Understand Brand Guidelines

From new employees to partners, it is important that your brand is showcased the same everywhere. Straightforward brand guidelines is the best way for everyone working with your business to display your brand correctly.

Color details designers
TEAMZ Logo Positive


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