KOL Managment

Influecner Marketing Is The New Way To Spread Your Message

Influencer marketing is a must for any successful marketing campaign. However, working with influencers is a tough process when starting out. Roughly 65% of businesses have increased their influencer marketing budgets this year.


Align Your Brand

Many Types Of Incluencers

Influencer marketing doesn't have to be paying the biggest celebrity hundreds of thousands of dollars. They can be low and mid tier influencers with a good following that are affordable. Many companies find huge success working with a lot of smaller influencers that are easier to partner with and happy to promote your brand.

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Your Niche

KOL's For Your Business

A key opinion leader (KOL) or as most people call them, influencer, is someone that has a voice in a specific niche. Find the best KOL's for your brand and industry and partner with them.

Find Influencers In Specific Locations

KOL Localization

Every country has their own mid level influencers that have gathered a following in that specific country or city. When localizing your business, it is important to find people with influence in that region and develop a relationship with them. TEAMZ can help, particularly with influencers in Japan and China which traditionally can be tough to get in touch with.