TEAMZ Blockchain & Crypto Meetups

Highly Influential Events

TEAMZ is well known is Japan for hosting blockchain and crypto meetups with key experts, influencers, media, and projects. Our proven strategy has helped build a strong community in Japan to make every meetup a success.


Warm The Audience

Before The Event

Before the event we will create professional posters to promote the event on social media, community groups, and press releases. We will write the copy in Chinese or Japanese to communicate with our community and bring high quality profile attendees to the meetup. The content will also be displayed in top crypto media platforms giving your brand added credibility in the location of the event.

Professional Operation

During The Event

During the event will design and print high quality banners to display throughout the venue. We will operate the event from entrance staff, host, and management staff. Investors may require private meetings which we will organize.

Ongoing Engagement And Support

After The Event

After the event it is important to communicate the success and follow up with any interested parties.


Offer Value To Audience

Another type of event we have found has had great success in Japan our Workshops. It gives you the ability to present something of value to the audience that they can use right away. A value first marketing strategy is great way to warm the hearts of the audience and earn their trust.

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