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What is a piece of news without distributing it to thousands of people? In order for the great news of your project to be heard it must be put in front of the eyes of a large audience. From there, those people can begin sharing it to their individual communities and that is how things go viral.


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Effective Distribution

We will prepare highly engaged topics and distribute these articles to hundreds of IT, Technology, Financial Media Platforms. Each article comes with a professionally designed poster made specifically for your project.

Leading Media In Japan And China

Top Media Partners

We work with the top media platforms in Japan and China that see upwards of 1 million views per article. A promotional campaign in either country is not complete without including our partners.

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Community Management And Flash News

Whether it’s Telegram, WeChat, or LINE, online communities are an effective way to publish flash news, increase the awareness of your ICO, and keep people up to date with your business. We can grow online communities to 10k+ members and showcase your project to our offline private networks.

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