Access To Large Capital

Raising money can be an exhaustive task without the proper network and strategy. Focus on your business and let us help you meet your funding targets with key investors.

Data Analitics


Analyzing Funding Needs

Before connecting your project with investors, we need to understand what problem you’re solving and how you plan on solving it. This requires a meeting with your team and our analysis of the whitepaper and other project materials.

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Marketing Materials

Preparing Presentation Materials

Fundraising requires having the proper marketing materials and systems in place for the jurisdiction you plan on receiving capital. TEAMZ will review your materials and help prepare any that are missing. Then, we will begin to prepare the tour in the areas agreed upon.

Capital Raise

Meeting Hard Cap Numbers

Raising capital normally happens in three phases: meeting, follow-up, and negotiation. We will help you through all phases with top investors and institutions in Asia. Lets meet your hard cap together.

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