Conception To Enterprise

Startup Brand Growth

The startup stage of a business is stressful. Finding the right team that has the skills and mindset to help create the companies vision can be a tough task. With TEAMZ, this becomes a lot easier. We can instantly give your startup access to our suite of professional marketing and blockchain services at your request. Most startups are looking for growth, which is why we built our Brand Growth Solution to take your startup from conception to enterprise.

Phase One

Brand Design


Brand Guidelines

Website UI/UX

Brand Graphics

Phase Two

Growth Strategy

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Setup & Growth

Content Production Strategy

Brand Video

Official Telegram Growth Strategy

Whitepaper Design

Phase Three

Data Collection

1. Design Landing Page With Optin

2. Create Lead Magnet & Tripwire

3. Setup Email Service

4. Create Email Segmentation Lists & Autoresponder

5. Add Tracking Components To Landing Page

6. Test Ads To Landing Page To Develop A CPA

7. Scale Advertisements And Grow Email List

8. Send Broadcast/Newsletter Emails Ongoing

Long-Term Relationship



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