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Blockchain abstract particles

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Blockchain technology solution Innovation for your company Blockchain technology eliminates the need for a third party to confirm a transaction, learn how blockchain can innovate your business Mining Software Mining is a key component of the proof of work blockchain structure. Mining Software Smart Contract Development Decentralized smart contracts developed for any industry including gaming, […]


TEAMZ is well known is Japan for hosting blockchain and crypto meetups with key experts, influencers, media, and projects. Our proven strategy has helped build a strong community in Japan to make every meetup a success.

Blockchain Events

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit The Largest Blockchain Summit In Japan TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is the largest blockchain event in Japan annually. Last summit saw $4 billion in total capital amongst the investors present. The goal is bridge usable blockchain projects with active investors. Price Showcase Your Project LIVE China and Japan meetups A meetup is a […]


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Business Localization Expand Your Brand Into Any Country Brand expansion into new countries requires localization strategies that meet each specific nations needs. TEAMZ is a diverse team with members from Japan, China, Spain, Canada, and Southeast Asia. Our partners stretch to all continents globally. Price Japan Localization Expand Your Brand In Japan Japan is one […]