TEAMZ Blockchain Summit: Video Case Study

Video marketing is one of the best ways to promote a business, product, service, message, and especially an event.

For every new blockchain summit we host, we edit and publish 4-5 new videos leading up to the event to promote it. This allows each attendee, speaker, sponsor, and partner thinking about participating to see the summit in real life.

Post 2018 Blockchain Summit

During our events we have multiple videographers filming and capturing key moments. When the event is over, we edit and publish our post event video showcasing everything that happened. The video above is from our 2018 blockchain summit. We start getting people excited for the next event the moment our current event ends.

Red Carpet Gala Video 2018

Every year during our blockchain summit, the last day is dedicated to our Red Carpet Gala. This is a VIP event where tickets start at $300 USD. This is a great event to capture beautiful footage that creates an eye-catching video.

Blockchain Summit 2019 Video

This was our first video announcing the event to our community. We took footage from the years before and put it together to create our launch video.

Since our summit is hosted in Tokyo, Japan, we edited a Japanese style promotional video to introduce the event to Japanese people. It is important to know your audience and cater to the proper geography of your target. The first video is more geared towards international sponsors and speakers interested in joining the summit. This one is for Japanese attendees and partners in Japan.

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit 2020

This is one of our most recent videos from the date this case study was published. We wanted to highlight the new location of our event in one the nicest venues in Tokyo, Happoen. It is a Japanese style as this year we want to introduce many international attendees to Japanese culture. With the 2020 Olympics being hosted in Tokyo we thought this was important.

For all our videos we prepare a storyboard to map out each cut and transition.

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