TEAMZ Branding Case Study

TEAMZ Website

Since you’re reading this post, it’s safe to assume you’re on our new website. The TEAMZ new web platform was a big project we took on to showcase more of what we do, who we work with, and what we stand for.

Developing a new website can be a time consuming task, especially if your team lacks certain skills such as design and development. With TEAMZ, our focus was around design, lead capture, and search engine optimization.

As a professional solutions company we have many services to offer. Some we do in house and some we do through key partners we have established in certain areas. When a client chooses to work with TEAMZ, they have access to anything they want or need, from digital marketing all the way to blockchain development. We wanted to show this through our website. Our CIO, Inaki Olano, always says, “the website is the window to your company”.

In addition to this, one of our specialties at TEAMZ is design. Any project that we take on with a design component will never go public until the design is approved. We take great pride in this aspect of our companies skillset.

Lastly, with so many categories of services, our new website had great potential to be keyword rich. SEO is a long term strategy but it’s something we focus on regularly. Using search engine optimization strategies from the beginning can expedite the SEO ranking process dramatically.

Video Marketing

We talked about video marketing in a previous post on our TEAMZ Blockchain Summit video marketing efforts. For our new TEAMZ video the method was the same by mapping out the video in a storyboard. This video was meant to offer inspiration to the viewer and tell a story about performance, success, and taking action. These are attributes we strive for at our company.

Throughout the video, our branding is literally at the centre with our red line as the main symbol of the video. That red line is the symbol of our company and through it anything can be achieved.

You can watch the video below:

If you want more info about how we can help your business with website and video branding, please contact us for a free consultation.

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