One of the most time tested ways to expand business is through events. Meetups, dinners, and educational events give the attendees the ability to learn, network, and establish collaborations with other like minded people.

At TEAMZ, we’re always hosting new events as well as helping other companies put on their own events and build their communities in Japan.

In the summer of 2019, we hosted the TEAMZ VIP Dinner which brought together executives from top enterprises in Japan such as Tencent Japan, Huobi, and SBI Fintech Solutions. Over drinks and food, the attendees watched presentations from Huobi and ChainUP, a panel discussion on blockchain and payments systems, and finished the night with quality networking.

When hosting a new event most of the hard work happens before the event. The process includes finding a venue, choosing food and layout, number of people, inviting guests, promoting event if it’s open to the public, booking staff, finding speakers and sponsors if necessary, transportation, and promotion during the event.

If you want to host your next event in Japan and grow your community, TEAMZ can help. Fill out the form on this page to speak us.

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