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We Lead Japan To The Global Marketplace.
We Help Brands Develop A Footprint Throughout Japan.
We Are The Bridge For Commerce.

TEAMZ is a platform that provides key strategies and results for projects all over the world. The four components to our business include TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, TEAMZ | Strategy, TEAMZ | Chaintalk, and TEAMZ | Capital. Our renowned comprehensive solutions give projects the internationalization, localization, media and financing they need for exponential growth.

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Biggest Blockchain Summit in Japan

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is held twice a year which gathers the top Blockchain companies from all over the world. This includes high-end projects, key International figures in the blockchain field, top investors, media channels and influencers. We capture interesting ideas, controversial topics, overall trends and future possibilities. With 5000 participants, the two-day event aims to share information, expand networks, and build lasting business alliances.

TEAMZ STRATEGY is a one-stop shop for growing blockchain projects globally. We carefully craft solutions throughout the full life cycle of your ICO/STO to meet your unique needs. Our full suite of services focuses on implementing all aspects of a successful project. logo

ChainTalk is the digital leader in up to date Cryptocurrency and Blockchain information and media in the Asian market. Our mandate is to utilize influencers, news events, industry information, and exclusive interviews to provide the best content for its users.

Our vision is to build a platform that delivers every key component a complete beginner needs to become knowledgeable enough to have discussions with industry experts.

Our mission is to be a leader in industry development and help grow the amount of great entrepreneurs creating world changing products and businesses.

TEAMZ CAPITAL is a venture capital fund, focused on early stage companies engaged in cutting-edge digital asset technologies. We were founded in 2018 by a group of technical experts and finance professionals with a track record of both building and investing in new businesses. Using our in-depth expertise and early adoption of distributed ledger technology, we seek to identify, partner and grow companies that embrace a digital asset component and aim to be a successful global company. We are global – with on the ground experts in Japan, China, US and around the world. We are able to provide connectivity across our whole network.

Through our advisory arm, TEAMZ, we are able to further leverage our technologists, business builders and finance experts to help our partners step up to the next stage of their evolution. We ensure that our incentives are aligned and aim to partner with businesses across the entire lifecycle, from fundraising, to technology building and strategic advisory.